Azerbaijan Withdraws Plans to Release Captive

Maral Najarian, a Lebanese-Armenian civilian war hostage held captive in Azerbaijan

Maral Najarian, a civilian war hostage falsely imprisoned by the Azerbaijan government, was expected to be reunited with her family. She had only 48 hours left until freedom. More than two weeks later, she still waits.

It was the closest the 49-year old Lebanese-Armenian had gotten to being released after spending nearly four months in captivity. According to her sister Sossy Seferian, the family was told her anticipated release date was February 14, but Najarian is still held prisoner in a high security prison near Baku. …

DNA Tests Reveal Identity of Soldier Who Fought in Artsakh War

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Yuri Sargsyan Hamazaspi

Family member of missing Armenian soldier who fought in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) war, shared the tragic news today that he was killed in action. DNA tests confirmed a body found earlier this year, belongs to her 25 year old cousin, Yuri Sargsyan Hamazaspi.

Yuri Sargsyan, who family and friends nicknamed Yurka, had been missing since October 25. According to his cousin Hasmik, search & rescue teams had found a headless body in February, burned to the bones. …

Source: Azerbaijan Media/Lebanese-Armenian Vicken Euljekjian in a Baku court on June 14, 2021 awaits verdict


On the heel of Vicken Euljekjian’s wrongful conviction, Azerbaijan plans to initiate court proceedings against 54 Armenian POWs on unsubstantiated charges, including terrorism. Such court proceedings violate international law.

The illegal court proceedings are set to take place on June 16.


Maral Najarian had been holding onto the hope that her fiancé would someday be set free from Azerbaijan captivity and the two would finally be reunited to start their lives together.

Sadly, that hope was shattered when the Azerbaijan government announced that Vicken Euljekjian, a dual citizen of Lebanon and Armenia falsely accused of…

By Linda Berberian

Two privately-held Italian companies named in Armenian media for helping build Azerbaijan’s “Military Trophy Park” inaugurated last week in Baku, have released corroborated statements adamantly denying any involvement with the project.

Despite claims of having no connection to the museum of “military trophies” global events industry company G Group International and the architect studio 120 grammi did admit traveling to Azerbaijan in February by invitation and visiting territories of Artsakh now under Azerbaijan control. …

Why US Officials Classifying Armenian POWs As Detainees is Detrimental


There are still some 250 Armenian prisoners of war (POWs) in Azerbaijan captivity nearly five months since the Russian brokered tri-lateral ceasefire statement was signed, which includes that all POWs must be repatriated.

Immediately following my official interview last week with former POW Maral Najarian, I spoke with her to ensure she was okay as I realize it must have been difficult for her to share vivid details of a horrifying ordeal. Najarian, who was released last month after being unlawfully imprisoned by the Azerbaijan government, was also subjected to psychological torture.

What is the fate of the remaining POWs…

This is the photo of 58-year-old Alvard Tovmasyan, an Armenian woman who was a resident of Karin Tak village, near the Shushi region of Artsakh currently occupied by Azerbaijani forces.

Tovmasyan was a second degree intellectually disabled person tortured “beyond recognition” and found dead outside of her home with her hands, ears, and feet cut off, according to her brother Samvel Tovmasyan who confirmed her identity only by recognizing the clothes she was wearing. She had been missing since November 10, 2020.

This photo was taken on October 29, 2020, the last time her family would see her alive.


January 14, 2020: On the same day of talks between Erdogan and Putin, when Turkey’s leader said he would like to create conditions of “coexistence” between Armenians and Azeris, officials located the body of an Armenian woman today who had been reported missing.

The woman has been identified as 58-year-old Alvard Tovmasyan who was a resident of Karin Tak village, near the Shushi region of Artsakh currently occupied by Azerbaijani forces.

Tovmasyan was a second degree intellectually disabled person killed and “tortured beyond recognition” outside of her home…

Linda Berberian

Independent Journalist and Contributor / Correspondent for The Armenian Weekly as well as a full-time Corporate Communications & Staffing Director

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